WADM released

ProfileHello there. Today i released my “World of Warcraft Addon Download Manager” called WADM on codeplex. It’s just a simple .NET tool written in C#, that do what it’s name says. I just play a little bit with codeplex and need something to host there. So i decide that it’s time to share a tool with the community that i want to share since a long time.

My first impression was: Codeplex is really a great site, but it seems that git and i never will become best friends. But codeplex supports alternative version control systems like Mercurial and others, so that’s really no problem. It has a really nice guided system that lead you through the creation process. It’s fast and easy. It’s a great platform to host open source software projects like my small tool or perhaps some of my own .NET libraries.

But back to topic: WADM. So, if you are a “World of Warcraft” gamer like me, take a look at WADM. Perhaps it could improve your gaming life. Just a single click to update all your favorite addons, sounds good to me. Doesn’t it ? So check it out.

WADM Screenshot

For more information have a look at the WADM page

Download it from https://wadm.codeplex.com or https://github.com/mbodm/wadm

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