Hi, my name is Marcel. I´m a .NET software developer, architect and consultant. At the moment i live and work in the south of Germany. Most of my time i design or develop software in C# for Windows, using WPF (in former times Windows.Forms), or web solutions with ASP.NET MVC and the Web API. Since early 2003 my heart belongs to .NET/C# and everything what comes along with it. But sometimes i visit the Apple universe or take a look at the mobile world (especially when it´s JS-related, because i like the more function-driven and functional approach of JS).

Besides this main interests i also meet with friends to sit in the sun and drink some cold beer. If the sun don´t shine i try to play my favorite video game World of Warcraft. There i try to defeat all that big bad bosses (if my sparse free time allows it). As a child of the internet generation i often spend some time to read forums, blogs, Twitter and so on. But sometimes i have to “Esc” from there and get some philosophical input. Then i read metaphysically-tinted books, printed on good ol´ real paper.

Q: Anything else ? Some Voodoo, showing us you are the coolest blogging guy on earth ?
A: Nope. Nothing special here. I just do what i do. I live and i die. That´s the whole deal.

Additional note: If my english creates pain in your brain, please forgive me. As i said above, i´m from Germany, so i´m not a native english speaker. But i try to speak to an international audience. In other words: Everything you read you have to “handle with care”. I refuse to take any responsibility for consuming my words. 😉